Corporate Charity

AXM Group is proud to work with and sponsor many worthy charities and fundraising organisations across the UK. Each year, AXM selects only one charity to become its designated corporate 'Charity Of The Year'.

In 2015, the group has chosen the charity MONI Malawi again as the official Charity of the Year. The organisation based in Scotland was set up with the aim of raising money to assist the people of Malawi. "Moni" means "hello" in Chichewa, the principle language of Malawi.

Their name therefore translates as "Hello Malawi". Malawi is a landlocked country in southern Africa. With a population of 14 million it is one of the least developed and most densely populated countries in the world. Per capita GDP is £450, compared to the UK figure of £20,000. The country suffers from high infant mortality, low life expectancy, and a high prevalence of HIV/AIDS.

The main objective of the AXM sponsorship is to raise awareness and funds of MONI Malawi and help them to build a new school for children and support the food distribution efforts

So far, AXM Group have raised over £42,000.