Welcome to AXM Group

AXM Group was launched on Thursday, 30th September 2004 when it opened its very first venue, AXM Bar, on Canal Street at the heart of Manchester's world famous Gay Village district.

With the slogan Vibrant, Opulant, Indulgent... AXM Bar quickly set a standard that had never before been seen by visitors. From there, AXM's loyal and satisfied customer base grew and the word spread that something sexy, sharp and gay had arrived in the city of Manchester.

Over the first three years of operation, the high standards of quality and service were recognised by many top notch organisations resulting in the group receiving countless awards from 'Best Bar None' twice to 'Best Bar in the Northwest' and more.

The group has also received high praise for its continued involvement in local, national and international charities and organisations. By providing valuable support and corporate sponsorship, events like Manchester Pride, Pride Games and Sparkle have continued to go from strength to strength. Fundraising projects and events have helped charities like The Lesbian & Gay Foundation, George House Trust, Terrance Higgins Trust, The Albert Kennedy Trust, Stonewall and more recently MONI Malawi generate valuable donations and increased awareness of their projects.

Since then AXM Group now has three large AXM nightclub venues located in Manchester, Glasgow and Malta and a bar called Iconic by AXM located in Manchester, a Media division covering all forms of commercial needs for businesses including Poptastic, Icon Bar and many more, plus a Theatre division bringing fresh, new talent to the front and is currently in the process of launching another AXM venue very soon in a new city!

AXM Group which is now a part of Enterprise Entertainment Scotland Ltd continues to improve customer service, create new initiatives and expand in 2015/2016. We look forward to you joining us on our journey towards a brighter future!